Thursday, March 14, 2013

Story time:
A long time ago, in magical place named Detroit, there was an engineer working at Ford.  He said "I shall cast my rear lower control arms from Iron.  This will save cost and allow me to place the bolts attaching the spindle in double shear.  Furthermore it shall allow easy access to these bolts so that the rear suspension will be easy to disassemble." and there was much rejoicing.

Then the evil engineer from Lincoln looked at the design and said "To make mine superior I shall cast my rear lower control arm from aluminum.  Even though this is a very large and heavy car, this will make it seem as if we care about reducing weight. However I shall place these bolts in single shear in such a way that in order to remove the axle, you must first remove the upright...But in order to remove the upright, you must first remove the axle." and the rejoicing was replaced by the curses and obscenities of any who dared try to remove the axles on their Mk. VIII.

Later, the Lincoln engineer received a swift kick in the plums...And there was much rejoicing.

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