Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Tube Prep - The Boring Stuff

"Anything worth doing, is worth overdoing." - (Sir) Mick Jagger  

So, it turns out I might be going a little overboard with tube prep.  I start out with my jig board, that has now been expanded to accommodate the full length of the outboard cockpit sides. 

Notice the 'flat pack' of tubes all cut to the correct length and angle, looking like they're in a police lineup. 

Each number corresponds to a numbered location on the build table. They are also cataloged in an excel spreadsheet, including their raw stock length, for the purpose of maximizing tube cuts and minimizing odd length excess.  It also might come in handy for future reference.  The full set of tubes are then temporarily mocked up in the jig, where the edges of each tube intersection are marked with a Sharpie.

At each tube intersection where one tube dead ends into another, a hole is drilled.  The end result is that the entire chassis will be one continuous interconnected volume.

One theory is that this improves the finish weld, as the heated (expanding) air has a means of escape other than past the weld arc and puddle.  The other, more important aspect to me is that, should I choose to do so, I will be able to pour the rust inhibiting compound of my choice inside the chassis, rotate it a few times to get into every tube, then carefully drain it back out again.  This would be all but guaranteed to have some 'pools' that would never be fully drained out, and will certainly add a little weight, but could also help the chassis longevity...Or could end up being little more than some quality time spent with my drill.  Hence the quote from the great philosopher, Sir Jagger.

More overdoing it to come...

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