Sunday, March 9, 2014


As usual, no matter how realistic you believe your goals to be, progress typically occurs at somewhere between 1/2 and 1/3 of the anticipated rate.

Since my last post I've been making progress, but nothing terribly interesting to take and share photos of...Not that most of my photo updates thus far have been overly 'exciting' either.  I spent some time finish welding the second two chassis rails.  Then some more time mocking up the chassis rails while debating between 17.5" wide seats with a 8" wide tunnel, 17.25" wide seats with a 7.5" wide tunnel, or 17" wide seats with a 7" wide tunnel.  And finally this weekend, making the transverse tunnel tubes and prepping the two tunnel rails to be mated together.

To ease any potential issues with the differential pinion being offset to the passenger side, in addition to focusing on my personal seat width, I decided to keep moving forward with the originally planned 17" wide seats and 8" wide tunnel.  As with every other decision, this has both advantages and disadvantages vs the alternatives...But all minor relative to each other, as well as in the big scheme of things.

Everything is now prepped so that next weekend I will be almost certainly be going "3D" with at least a tacked up tunnel.  I hope to get even further, but I'll direct you back to my first statement in this post.  The last decision to make before doing so, is how I want to install the transverse tubes that will make up the bottom of the rear firewall.  Options "A" and "B" are shown below...But I'm also considering secret option "C" with some type of hybrid between the two shown by using additional portions of tubing or gusseting.  Obviously this is one of the more 'detail oriented' decisions that will make little difference either way, but it does give me a little something to ponder until next weekend.

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