Sunday, April 6, 2014

Driver Side Tacked

With preparations for the arrival of our "garage helper" kicking into high gear, my typical garage time has been increasingly filled with more important projects and events.  Not the least of which included my solemn duty to keep some of the other 'shower' husbands occupied with a local wine, beer, and whiskey tasting tour.  However, I had a break this weekend that allowed me to make some good progress.

It began with cleaning up my workspace from the other projects that had accumulated over the past two weeks.  Following that, the next 12 tubes were cut and trimmed to length, cleaned, and prepped for installation.  This morning I constructed my somewhat unconventional jigging of the chassis, that actually held everything surprisingly true according to my carpenters square.

A few conveniently placed tacks later, and the driver side is officially in place.

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