Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Floor and Tunnel Decisions

Two weeks have passed since the last update, and as many tubes have been fitted in that time. 

Before I could decide on how much to angle the forward portion of the tunnel into the foot well space, I needed to track down and pick up a "backup light switch connector" from one of the local auto parts stores.  That little plug is the point of greatest interference on the driver side of the transmission.  After mocking it up different ways, and spending more time than a grown man has any right to sitting on a table pretending to drive an imaginary car to 'get a feel for it', a decision was made.  It'll be tight, but by offsetting the transmission (and engine) slightly to the passenger side I should be able to get away with only a 2 inch taper on the driver side.  That will still leave me with a generous 15 inches of foot well width for the driver...The passenger will have to make due with a bit less.  That left me with just enough time to fit the lower tube that weekend.

This past weekend I spent some time sketching out a few options for diagonals across the floor pan.  I settled on one that will allow the same diagonals to be used on both sides of the chassis, and should do a good job keeping my sensitive areas well separated from the pavement.  I was only able to get around to fitting one of these tubes.  But with a plan in place, the next series of tubes should be able to follow a bit more quickly.

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